ID Quizbot - Beta testing page

Welcome to the ID Quizbot! 

The Quizbot helps you practice and expand your ID knowledge!

Using the ID Quizbot:

-Click on the red circle that says "IDQB" on the lower right of the page to activate the Quizbot

-Follow the prompts to select which kinds of questions you want

-Respond to the questions by clicking on the displayed letters

-Each answer you select - right or wrong - gives you feedback (you may have to scroll back up to see it)

-When you've answered correctly, the Quizbot will move on to the next question in that area

-When you've answered all the questions in an area, the Quizbot will prompt you to select new questions.  New questions are added regularly, so be sure to come back for more!

-The Quizbot is still in beta testing phase, so we would greatly welcome your feedback via the embedded survey below!

Frequently asked questions about ID Quizbot:

Can I chat with the Quizbot?

-Right now our Quizbot can just pose and respond to multiple choice questions.  We hope to make IDQB smarter in the future!

Hmm, I'm not so sure about an answer. Can someone explain it to me?

-Enter your question in the Comments function below and let our community and moderators respond!

Can I have IDQB give me randomly selected questions across categories? 

It's a functionality we are working on!

Where do the questions come from?

Questions are submitted from members of the ID-EN, screened for formatting and other issues, and given answer-level explanations.


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